Crane Equipped Lift Away Truck

MTT Crane Equipped Lift Away Truck – MTT 4031 performs all rescue and vehicle towing tasks efficiently with state-of-the-art crane equipment. The loading platform with improved crane equipment and ergonomic structure provides integrity with quality design and production processes and provides an advantage in rescue and towing operations.

MTT Crane Equipped Lift Away Truck demonstrates fast operational solutions with its specially lightened structure and improved Crane. The system allows the operator to lift and load the vehicle quickly and reliably thanks to the crane which is attached to the load-car’s 4 wheels and controlled effectively by the operator’s observation. The system is supported by the best specially developed mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components, offering safe towing mechanisms.

MTT Crane Equipped Lift Away Truck with maximum quality even in all difficult conditions and is called the world’s longest-lasting auto savior. It has a dynamic structure, fast operation time, long life cycle, as well as a low maintenance metric, as all its parts are carefully designed by Miles engineers. It is the ideal choice of municipality, traffic departments, police departments, public institutions.

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Truck Properties


MTT Crane Equipped Lift Away Truck - MTT 4031

Truck Properties

Chasis: Standard commercial chassis (Iveco, Mercedes-Benz,  MAN, Volvo, etc)

GVW: 10.000 kg (upgrade to 12.000 kg optional)

Crane: 4 units stabilizers, rotator, H-apparatus, type graspers and ropes

Max Lifting Moment: 15,7 ton/meter (other payload upon request)

Load Chart7590 kg at 2.05 meters; 4180 kg at 3.75 meters ; 2805 kg at 5.55 meters ; 2090 kg at 7.35 meters (other loading capacity options upon request)

BoomTelescopic boom with 1 folding and 3 hydraulic extensions

Body PlatformFixed type

Typical Options: Rotating beacon

                                Night Lighting

                                Audio warning device

Additional Options: Rear towing equipment

                                      Available upon request