Miles Tow Trucks

Miles Tow Trucks or MTT is a brand of Miles Makine Group, which manufactures tow trucks and is located in Istanbul, Turkey. The company has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality hydraulic equipment. Its innovative and hardworking team has made MTT the bravest and best-motivated tow truck brand in the world.

Since 2001, MTT is the largest tow truck manufacturer by quantity in Turkey. MTT achieved global success as well in international markets by offering innovative designs, the fastest operation features, safer mechanisms, longer product life cycles, and lower maintenance metrics. As of today, MTT is not solely a manufacturer, but also provides consultancy services for public authorities to plan, procure and operate their recovery and tow trucks, as it has been doing for Istanbul Municipality for 17 years.

MTT manufactures and supplies a wide range of tow trucks for both public authorities and private sector owners. MTT manufactures Eurolift Side Loader Truck (MTT 4011), Sliding Platform Recovery Truck (MTT 4021), and Crane Equipped Lift-Away Truck (MTT 4031) as standard production and most selling products, but has many other custom made tow truck options as well, such as Full bed Recovery Truck, Heavy-Duty Wrecker Truck, and Rotating Sliding Platform Recovery Truck. Thanks to the country configuration applied before delivery, MTT assures its partners that the tow trucks will be fully compatible with the country of use in terms of the weather conditions, road conditions, and traffic inspection requirements.

MTT’s vision is to continue its success achieved in Europe on a global scale and be a leading tow trucks manufacturer in the world with strict adherence to work ethics, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction.